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Altered states of consciousness redux

27 July 2007

Back in March a group of us had a synchroblog on Altered States of Consciousness. My contribution, with links to the others, is here: Notes from underground: Consciousness of absurdity and the absurdity of consciousness.
I recently came across this blog post by Anthony North, which would have been a useful addition back then.

I commend it to the March Synchrobloggers, and to anyone else who found that topic interesting.

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  1. saintsophia permalink
    28 July 2007 5:21 am

    Thanks, Steve, for your comments on my post. As for altered states of consciousness, you have some good thoughts there. I also think that life in general is pretty absurd as well as Christianity, but in a good way. If Christianity was not true, life would be much more absurd, and in a really bad way, I think.

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