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Stuff to do on Sunday if you’re bored

9 September 2007

According to An unfinished soul, one can read about various philosophical movements on Wikipedia between laundry loads.

But it also seems that more people on Google are looking for “What to do on Sunday if your bored“. Do they really mean “your bored”? Shouldn’t it be “your board”? As in, How many boards would the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?.

And Kuan Yin is apparently also popular, but not, apparently, Kuan Ti, the god of war. Kuan Ti I’d heard of, but not Kuan Yin.

In almost every Chinese house there is an altar on the wall containing a picture of Kuan Ti, the red-faced god of war. It always faces the entrance, for demons and evil spirits do not dare to enter into his presence. He is the greatest and most powerful god in the pantheon. Prior to his deification, Kuan Ti was a historical figure who lived from AD 162-220. He was a mighty warrior. In about AD 184 there had been a peasant rebellion against the Han dynasty. The rebels were called Yellow Turbans from the scarves they tied round their heads. The empire was in chaos, and was effectively ruled by a succession of warlords, and was divided into three kingdoms, Wei in the north, Wu in the south and Shu in the west. Kuan Yu, whose original name was Yun-chang, had been outlawed, but formed a force in the service of general Yuan Shao with two “brothers”, the senior of whom was Liu Pei. In a time of shifting loyalties, he was admired for his loyalty to Liu Pei. It was the fusion of “might” and “right” that led to his deification. He was betrayed and beheaded, and his spirit appeared to a Buddhist priest who instructed him in the law. In the 7th century his cult was adopted by the Buddhists (Chamberlain, Chinese gods, 1987)

I’m not sure if that’s much help with Kuan Yin, though.

But you must be pretty bored to blog about stuff that people are googling for on a Sunday afternoon. On that point I fully agree with “An Unfinished Soul”. And then there is Eileen Nude, which seems to be another popular Sunday pastime.
I’m feeling a little faint, I think my blood sugar must be too low.

Oh yes, and though the world may have forgotten , I haven’t forgotten . Now stick that in your Google and smoke it!

But one thing I’ve noticed, the most popular blogs seem to have a lot of random nonsensical stream-of-consciousness stuff like this. Have you ever Googled “random wondering and philosophy”?

I think I’ll try it.

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  1. 9 September 2007 8:57 pm

    I don’t think people expect to find the philosophical stuff when they google that phrase and it brings them to my blog. I think they’re probably hoping to find local activities and stuff, I could be wrong though. Maybe I’ve had a couple of readers go “Wow. I can read about Hegel while I’m cooking dinner!” 😉

    I won’t argue that my blog is random and nonsensical though. It’s my life. 😀 That, and if I want to read nonstop “church church church” and “theology theology theology” and “missional missional missional” stuff, without a break for anything else in between, then there are plenty of those out there too. 🙂

  2. 9 September 2007 9:04 pm


    I wasn’t talking about your blog in that last bit. Did you Google the phrase?

  3. 9 September 2007 10:34 pm

    You weren’t talking about my blog? Now I AM hurt. 😉 I try desperately to be nonsensical dang it.

  4. 9 September 2007 10:36 pm

    PS –

    Wow. There are a lot of blogs out there that use the phrase “random wondering and philosophy.” Who knew?

  5. 10 September 2007 7:00 am


    I think I came across your blog through someone else’s blogroll and I was intrigued by your post on Eileen Nude, and the kind of things people are
    searching for when they find one’s blog.

    I’ve sometimes commented in my blogs about the top ten search terms in Technorati. I look at them occasionally to see how many of them I recognise, and if I can rec ognise more than half of them regard myself as being in tune with pop culture.

    But I think I must be pretty out of tune with pop culture, because I often recognise fewer than half of them.

    So I was intrigued by your comment that people are actually Googling for “Stuff to do on Sunday when your [sic] bored”. And it inspired me to write
    a nonsensical blog post just to see if any random wondering philosophers would find it.

    I’ve also been intrigued by the popularity of the hotel heiress whose parents apparently named her after one of their hotels. She almost never
    drops out of the top ten searches on Technorati.

  6. 6 April 2008 10:56 am

    1350000– now that’s alot of wonderings and philosophising


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