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What to do on Tuesday bored or not

16 October 2007

Funny place, the blogosphere. About a month ago I wrote a blog post called What to do on Sunday if you’re bored. And I had a look at one of those tracking thingies and found that it’s just about the most popular post of the month. It was inspired by a similar post by An unfinished soul, who also remarked on what kind of searches brought people to her blog. Apparently one of the most popular was “Eileen nude“.

My post with that title was a rather nonsensical stream of consciousness thing, so I wondered why people are till reading it after a month. I would have expected it to slide off into the sea and oblivion. But no, it’s still one of the most popular posts.

But, as I said, the blogosphere is a funny place, utterly unlike the rest of the world.

If the electorate in the US Presidential election were drawn entirely from the blogosphere, for example, there’s only one candidate who would have any hope of winning: Ron Paul. That’s right, Ron Paul is the only US presidential hopeful who appears on the top searches on Technorati, unless Andrea Rincon and Michelle Malkin (whoever they may be) are running for election. But even if they are, Ron is above them in the list. Hey, Ron has even pushed Paris Hilton off the list — now that’s really something. Though much to my disappointment, Tshwane Sheraton hasn’t made it on to the list yet.

And most of the bloggers I read are raving about Ron Paul, though the mainstream media don’t seem to give him a chance. But that just goes to show that the blogosphere is really something else, quite detached from the real world. Who needs Second Life when you can cruise the blogosphere?

I write profound thoughts on missiology, on the Abandoned places of empire, and nobody even looks at it, much less comments, but when I write nonsense about what to do on Sunday when you’re bored, people come flocking.

Well, just for amusement and to stir up the old brain cells, here are some profound thoughts from a book I have.

Can you tell me the names of the authors, without Googling?

  • Christopher Columbus often related a singular childhood memory, in which he was stopped, in a Genoan street, by a man who asked the way to Chicago.
  • Columbus had a left eye of solid gold.
  • He has been credited with the invention of Faraway Places
  • There is a religious reason for this.
  • Mandrills and bishops have purple in common.
  • A torpedoed cathedral sinks rapidly into the earth.
  • Sudden prayers make God jump.

First prize, for the first one who gets the correct answer – a link to your blog.

Second prize, for the second one to give the correct answer — two links to your blog.

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  1. Hugo permalink
    23 August 2012 2:30 pm

    Eric Thacker and Anthony Earnshaw
    I have the book which I purchased close to 30 years ago in a second hand bookstore sitting on the bookshelf right next to me.

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