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The religious right in action

1 November 2007

The US Internal Revenue Service recently investigated an Episcopal Church for jeopardising its tax-exempt staus by criticising the Iraqi-American War, which, according to the IRS, made it a political organisation.I wonder if they investigated this one?

Hat tip to Adventus.

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For years, Fox flaunted his allegiance to the Republican Party, urging fellow pastors to make the same “confession” and calling them “sissies” if they didn’t. “We are the religious right,” he liked to say. “One, we are religious. Two, we are right.”
His congregation, for the most part, applauded. Immanuel and Wichita’s other big churches were seedbeds of the conservative Christian activism that burst forth three decades ago. In the 1980s, when theological conservatives pushed the moderates out of the Southern Baptist Convention, Immanuel and Fox were both at the forefront.
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  1. 2 November 2007 1:09 am

    The IRS is a terrible, evil, vile, vicious organization. Not only are there GUNS in the hands of bureaucrats, but it is one of the few systems in the U.S. where you are considered GUILTY until proven INNOCENT. They can totally wreck your life, steal your home, car, livelihood, destroy your marriage, take your children away from you, you name it. And, if by any chance you go through these terrible and costly legal battles and prove yourself INNOCENT, they aren’t obligated to make any form of reparation. The tax code the IRS “enforces” is so long that there is not on this planet a single person who has read it in its entirety!

    (This doesn’t have much to do with your post, but maybe it will give you some perspective about JUST HOW MUCH we Americans despise the IRS.)


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