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The devil rides out

19 November 2007

Last Friday I was browsing in a bookshop when I came across a copy of Dennis Wheatley’s The devil rides out. I had read it a couple of times when I was at school and enjoyed it, and when I later read Charles Williams’s War in heaven there were some parts that reminded me of Wheatley’s book, and I often wished I could reread it and compare them, but outside the school library I never found a copy, so I was unable to do so.

The devil rides out has now been reprinted by Wordsworth Editions, and I have begun rereading it.

Dennis Wheatley was no Charles Williams. He wrote popular thrillers with the aim of making money, and wrote in different genres, like spy stories and supernatural thrillers. His books were probably more popular than those of Williams in his lifetime, but seemed much more ephemeral, though his supernatural thrillers may enjoy a revival of popularity to parallel those of people like H.P. Lovecraft.

I haven’t finished my rereading yet (after something like 50 years), but a couple of names mentioned stood out, like Nicholas Flamel, mentioned in the Harry Potter books, and according to this site, he really existed.

The devil rides out, like War in heaven has a duke (through a French one rather than an English one) and someone who needs to be rescued from satanists. Also, both books were written at about the same time.

Has anyone else read it?

Any comments and comparisons with Williams?

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