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Call for papers: January Synchroblog — God’s fools

10 January 2008

This month’s synchroblog is on the theme of God’s call to the fools, and should be posted on 16 January.

UPDATE 16 January:

The synchroblog is now available. My contribution is

Blessed are the foolish — foolish are the blessed

and has links to the other contributions.

The is a monthly synchronised posting by a group of Christian (mostly) bloggers, who blog on the same general theme on the same day, with links to one other’s posts.

Anyone can join in, and if you would like to take part, just let Phil Wyman know a couple of days beforehand. He will need to know (1) Your name, (2) The URL of your blog and (3) the Title of your post. If you can give the URL for your actual synchroblog post, so much the better.

There is also a Synchroblog Mailing List. It is worth subscribing to it if you plan to participate regularly in the synchroblogs, since it is where we discuss what topic to have each month and when to actually post. If you want to see what synchroblog posts look like, just type “synchroblog” in the search box at the top of the right-hand column, and you’ll get a list of previous synchroblog posts.

This post is a “Call for papers”, and not the actual synchroblog posting itself. When it is available, I’ll add the list of links to the posts below.

When you post, people in Australasia and east Asia should post on the evening of the 16th. People in Europe and Africa should post about midday, and people in the Americas should post in the morning. That should get things more or less synchronised.

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