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Jewish Racist Slurs against Obama

3 February 2008
As the more interesting candidates drop out of the US presidential race the whole thing begins to get increasingly dull and boring, as the remaining ones argue about less and less.Then something like this comes along.
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While Obama was taking advantage of Martin Luther King Day to speak out against anti-Semitism among blacks, Jewish spokesmen were using racist language against him, solely because his father was Muslim. Since it is hard to find so much as a single anti-Jewish statement in Obama’s political record, or even support for anti-Israel policies, his defamers base their arguments on the fact that his positions on the Middle East conflict are “leftist” – solely because he rejects the right’s positions, which are more acceptable to some Jewish-American leaders.
Racist attacks against a black American candidate could cause Israel and American Jews a great deal of damage
Great damage has already been caused because Obama announced that an ugly campaign was being waged against him in the Jewish community. That alone ought to be enough at least to make Israel’s leaders say something about Jews who preach against anti-Semitism while employing similar tactics against other minorities.
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