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The Archbishop and the Media

21 February 2008

Archbishop Rowan Firestorm was Started by the BBC before Interview was even Broadcast

At least so says Matt Wardman:

There’s been a huge media firestorm after the Archbishop of Canterbury’s lecture to lawyers in London, as we all know – and it’s all been blamed on “Rowan’s naivity” or “Rowan’s bad press team” or “what did he expect, mentioning Sharia” or [insert random Rowan-bashing reason here].

In a sense this is last week’s news, a nine-day wonder whose sell-by date has passed. Yet there is a sense in which it remains topical. There’s an entire web site devoted to the premiss that the media just don’t “get religion”, and that any story with a “religious” angle is bound to be misreported. Matt Wardman’s analysis uses this particular incident as a paradigm case to show how that happens.

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