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Mad, bad Bob’s $3 billion birthday bash

27 February 2008

A billion here, a billion there, soon it adds up to real money, even if it’s the Mickey Mouse currency of Zimbabwe, where a loaf of bread costs $1 million. But $3 billion (nearly R8 million) for a birthday bash when so many people in the country are starving and inflation is running at 100000% is really obscene.

Elections are coming up in Zimbabwe, but a large proportion of the people have already voted with their feet and left. Nevertheless a number of them gathered at the border to wish Bob a happy birthday, as This is Zimbabwe reports. There are more pictures here of the protesters who gatecrashed the birthday party.

If Robert Mugabe is still around in two years’ time, will they have another bash to celebrate his 30 years in power? Undoubtedly the last 10 years of that have been the worst, leaving nothing to celebrate. But it takes me back 30 years, when I remember receiving junk mail advertisements for  platinum, gold and silver medals to commemorate 30 years of National Party rule in South Africa. Was it as long ago as that?

That was the year that PW Botha came to power (remember him?) And we sent him to the Wilderness. Would that Bob Mugabe had joined him there!

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  1. 29 February 2008 9:52 pm

    Hi, Khanya.

    I certainly hope that Mugabe will not be around in a month’s time, let alone 2 years, to celebrate anything associated with him.

    Thanks for link!!!

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