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15 June 2008

Amatomu’s move to new servers seems to be taking longer than expected, and now that it’s been gone for a couple of days, I realise how much I miss it.

There are other African blog aggregators like Afrigator, South African Blog Top Sites and Muti, but none of them seem to keep one in touch with the South African blogosphere as well as Amatomu does. Amatomu is like scanning the headlines of the newspaper — even if you don’t read all the articles, you can get an general impression of what’s going on. And all of a sudden I feel out of touch.

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  1. 16 June 2008 9:10 pm

    Hi Steve,

    Yup, I feel the same! I love checking the ‘headlines’ on the religion section of Amamtomu!

    However, I have found that in recent weeks and months more and more blogs from outside of South Africa are managing to slip into the rankings (which kind of distorts our South African blogosphere).

    What are your thoughts on this? I’m sure I recall you covering it somewhere by for the life of me I cannot dig up that post!

    Blessings from Cape Town (COLD and WET!)


  2. 17 June 2008 6:48 am

    ..and all of a sudden I’m feeling downright paranoid.
    I join up at Amatomu – and it bloody well disappears.
    Oh well, have more important disappearances on my mind this morning- namely iBurst.
    Terri in Joburg

  3. 17 June 2008 6:54 am


    I wrote a comment on Stephen Murray’s Daylight blog.

    I’ve only noticed a couple of non-South African blogs on Amatomu, at least in the Religion section, though as someone has pointed out one of them is hosted in South Africa, even though the blogger has no personal South African connections. Both are fairly recent additions.

    And yes, Amatomu’s recent headlines give a good view of what South African bloggers are blogging about, and lists of blogs in each category, which I find useful. Muti and Afrigator are useful, but I find I didn’t look at them every day.

  4. 17 June 2008 6:58 am


    Amatomu is moving to new servers, and apparently the process is taking longer than expected. I hope it will be back soon though, because I feel like a pilot flying in a storm when the radar has gone on the blink. It’s the best map of the South African blogosphere that I know, and people may be posting all sorts of interesting stuff, and I don’t know about it!

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