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Tshwane bloggers meet

19 July 2008

Joe Reed, Cori, Kevin, Ronald van den Bergh, Cobus van Wyngaard, Roger, Steve and Chris got together at Greenfields cafe in Hatfield this morning.

Cobus van Wyngaard

Cobus van Wyngaard

Cobus van Wyngaard (left) is a theologicial student at the University of Pretoria (Tuks). He’s doing a mini-dissertation on David Bosch as a public theologian, and has a wiki page to discuss it here.

David Bosch was the best-known South African missiologist of the 1980s, tragically killed in a car crash in 1992 just after the publication of his magnum opus Transforming mission, which has been translated into several different languages. It strikes me as an interesting project, because I worked with David Bosch in the missiology department at Unisa in the early 1990s, and had several unfinished discussions. I’m not quite sure what public theology is, though — I’ll have to look that up.

One of the things that is quite interesting about Cobus’s Wiki pages, however, is that 75% of the recent visitors are from the USA, and only 20% from South Africa. Perhaps a case of a prophet not being without honour, except in his own country.

Anyway, it was Cobus’s birthday (which seems a good enough reason for posting his picture), and he had to leave because there were still some people sleeping on the floor at his place after a party the previous night.

Roger had recently been on a TV show about megachurches, and had blogged about it, and I had posted a comment on it on my other blog, because I couldn’t get the comment feature on his blog to work.

One of the reasons for choosing Greenfields was that they used to advertise free Wi-Fi on their menu. It wasn’t on the menu this time, but Roger managed to get it to work, and posted a Twitter tweet about the gathering. Another reason was that Greenfields has the best coffee in Hatfield, if not in Pretoria, if not in the whole of Tshwane.

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