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Religion in China

31 July 2008
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In China, it is now trendy to wear a cross, hanging from a small
chain at the neck and fully exposed on the chest. The cross might be made of
wood, metal or, even, silver or gold or with precious stones. However, the
cross is not always worn for the sake of fashion. While it may be worn as
jewelry, it is also worn by many as a religious statement.

A Chinese government estimate puts the total number of Chinese”Christians” at 130 million, almost 10% of the population, and at least five times the percentage of Christians (Protestants and Catholics) as when the
communists took power in China in 1949.
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I wonder what missiologists will make of the growth of Christianity in China over the last 60 years, and what it will be attributed to? And perhaps that is where the true “emerging church” is to be found — emerging into visibility from a long period underground.

Hat tip to The Western Confucian, who also meditates on the post-post-Westphalian world..

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