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Finding homes for our puppies

4 August 2008
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One of our female puppies

One of our female puppies

At the beginning of June our dog Ariel had puppies. Now they are 8 weeks old, extremely cute, but getting too much to cope with. Going out is an enormous schlep, because someone has to control five active children to avoid them getting run over. So we are looking for homes for them, but in spite of advertising, there have been no takers so far.

Their father, Samwise, is a German Shepherd, and the mother Ariel, is a cross German Shepherd/Border Collie. One of the puppies has the colouring of all her ancestors — black and tan with a white patch on her chest. Others, like the one in the picture, look more like the father.

We’ll be sorry to see them go, but we can’t afford to keep them all.

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  1. Blake Dempsey permalink
    4 August 2008 3:43 pm

    This morning I stumbled upon your post on 2/29/08 post entitled, “New monasticism meets old”. I am a pastor in North Carolina and am beginning research for a DMin project. My aim is to implement a missions strategy for our church through small groups, with a strong relational emphasis. I believe a church becomes missional as it encounters the living God through worship. In turn, as its members engage in ministry/missions, they are spiritually formed in such a way that mere “discipleship class” cannot accomplish. This is Christian fellowship as its best and I believe will lead to a real heart for evangelism. I need to ground my thesis in Scripture, which I’m working on with texts on the Jubilee observance, Luke’s emphasis on Jesus’ mission to the love and include the marginalized, Matthew’s criteria for the sheep/goats judgment, and James’ emphasis on Christian ethics and poverty. I also need a strong historical tie, and I believe what I read in your blog on new/old monasticism would be very pertinent. Do you have additional resources you would recommend? Is there a definitive work on monasticism and mission? Thanks for any direction you might offer.
    Grace and peace,
    Blake Dempsey

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