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Doonesbury “reports” on Iraqi Christians

11 August 2008
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Doonesbury ‘reports’ on Iraqi Christians

Gary B. Trudeau’s Doonesbury, which newspapers publish either with the comics or the editorial cartoons, just wrapped up a series about Iraqi Christian refugees. Roland (in this series a Fox News correspondent) is trying to cover the story of an Assyrian family in a way that is flattering for the Surge. Doonesbury treats the imaginary Iraqis with a great deal of dignity. Fox News doesn’t fare so well.

some churches in Iraq have no members left. Christians can be identified by their names and ID cards, and they are often targeted for violence. The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) is calling it genocide.
AINA divides Assyrians up into five groups: Chaldeans (of the Chaldean Catholic Church) at 45 percent, Syriac Orthodox at 26 percent, Church of the East at 19 percent, Syriac Catholic at 4 percent, and other groups at 6 percent. In 2005, 2 percent of Iraq’s population was Christian, according to the World Christian Database.
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Hat-tip to Monte Asbury.

A good account of the plight of Christians in the Near and Middle East is William Dalrymple’s book From the Holy Mountain.

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  1. Adessa Kiryakos permalink
    1 April 2009 9:36 am

    Thank you, atleast someone is shining the light on an issue that is so important. I wish for once the news can mention the Assyrians and not “Iraqi Christians” because the Assyrians are the majority of the Christians in Iraq. The other Christians are an extremely small population. As an Assyrian I am saying that what is happening to the Assyrians is absolutely immortal. Northern Iraq is a part of where Assyria used to me, and we deserve to haveo ur land back and to be treated like humans in our own ancestral land!


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