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Patriarch for life

12 November 2008
The ailing Patriarch of Serbia, Pavle, asked leave of the Synod of Bishops to retire but so far the bishops have showed no sign of acceding to his request. Perhaps they realise that it will be very difficult to find anyone to take his place.
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The Holy Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) has not confirmed His Holiness Patriarch Pavle’s plea to withdraw from his duties.

Patriarch Pavle (FoNet, archive)
Patriarch Pavle (FoNet, archive)

Beta reports that the Assembly did not take a vote on this issue, deciding instead that the ailing 94-year-old will remain at the helm of the Church until his death.
Bishop Irinej of Niš said that although under the SPC constitution the patriarch kept the position until his death, the same principle could be applied as the one applying to bishops.

“The election of bishops is for life, but it can be overturned either through canonic guilt or through proof of inability to perform one’s duties, or through personal choice to resign and receive a pension,“ Irenej explained.
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