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Still on line for now

23 November 2008

In spite of the bandwidth warnings, my internet access hasn’t been cut yet — perthaps thanks to the “Noscript” add-on to Firefox that several people recommended, which seems to stop a lot of the bandwidth-hogging unsolicited videos that have become so common recently.

It’s probably too good to last, and to conserve bandwidth I’ll only be visiting blogs of bloggers who visit mine or who comment on mine, at least till the end of the month.

But I think I can recommend “Noscript” to others who are having bandwidth problems.

You can, of course, simply turn of Javascript in Firefox altogether, but that makes it difficult to view many web sites, which use it for menus and things like that. Noscript allows you to turn off scripts selectively, and to allow scripts for trusted sites that won’t start showing mutlimegabyte video clips without asking.

I never look at videos online anyway, at least until recently when the unsolicited ones began popping up. I never listen to podcasts either, yet still bandwidth seems to be consumed rapidly.

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  1. 23 November 2008 7:44 pm

    There’s also an ad-blocker plugin for Firefox that you could use as well. That might save you even more bandwidth by blocking advertising images along with videos.

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