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Two January Synchroblogs

30 December 2008

There are two January synchroblogs that other bloggers may be interested in.

1. Interfaith Synchroblog on “Religion and science”

There will be an interfaith synchroblog on the general theme of “Religion and science” on 8 January 2008.

If you would like to take part put up your blog post on 7th or 8th January, and as soon as you have posted your contribution, copy the URL for your post from your browser and send it to me in an e-mail message in the following format

NA Poster’s name
BL Poster’s blog name
TI Title of your post
URL Url of your post
REL Your religious background
EM Your e-mail address

If you use that format — with the preceding tags in capital letters followed by a single space (do NOT add other characters, like colons), and each piece of information on a separate line (it can word-wrap), I will be able to import it straight into a database without re-typing, and produce a report with the HTML code for the links which can then be appended to your post. I will post them on my contribution, and the easiest thing will be to copy and paste them from there. But I will also send it by e-mail to all the registered contributors (to the e-mail address you provide, so don’t munge it).

Send it to me at

2. Christian synchroblog on “Faith and ethnicity”

The original synchroblog group will be having a synchroblog on 14 January on the general theme of “Faith and ethnicity”. The original group was Christian, though others are welcome to join it.

For more information see, or contact Phil Wyman at

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