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Missiology discussion forum

19 January 2009

There is a new missiological discussion forum, which is actually a revival of a very old one. It is a discussion list for teachers, practitioners, and students of missiology from all Christian perspectives.

For those who don’t know, missiology is the academic study of Christian mission, also sometimes called Mission Studies (and yes, even in universities missiology has sometimes been confused with musicology).


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There are several other forums for discussing missiology on the internet, but many of them are devoted to one aspect of missiology, or sometimes one particular institution, or even one particular course.  There is a forum devoted to Orthodox Missiology, for example, and one for Orthodox Mission in Australia, and one for PhD students at the Concordia Theological Seminary. This one is for teachers, practitioners, and students of missiology from all Christian perspectives, young and old, male and female, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Reformed, Anglican, Anabaptist, Lausanne, emerging, emergent, missional or whatever; and post- any of the foregoing as well. The more the merrier.

Historical note

For those interested in the history of the thing, it started in a conference called MISSION, which was distributed as a mailing list, on nntp news servers, and as echo conferences on Fido Technology Networks (FTN), most notably FamilyNet back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It later split into two — a MISSION and a MISSIOLOGY conference, and continued as such until there were problems with the FamilyNet network in 2005. I thought that it would be good if the Missiology conference migrated to YahooGroups, in the hope that it would be more reliable. But there was already a Missiology conference on Yahoogroups, so I encouraged the participants in the old Missiology conference to move there. Unfortunately the owner/moderator of the YahooGroups missiology forum has been missing, and could not be contacted. Attempts to find a new moderator proved fruitless, so it seemed better to start a new forum with the same aims, called Missiological. I hope some of those who were involved in the old Missiology forums will join us on the Missiological Forum.

Oh yes, and there is a remnant of the old MISSION conference, a spin-off called Brigada, which has interesting tips and resources for missionaries, though with a strong North American focus.

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  1. davidstankar permalink
    21 January 2009 2:17 am

    Nice with this forum!
    It will be interesting to follow!


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