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Missional tribe

27 January 2009

In June 2008 a gorup of 50 of us had a Missional Synchroblog, where we discussed the meaning of the word “missional”, and what it means to be a missional church.

But those blog posts soon get pushed down the pile by new posts, and it’s not so easy to find them any more, and a group of people have created a web meeting place called Missional Tribe.

It’s a kind of social networking place for missional Christians. Perhaps the best explanation is given by Calacirian, who says:

what the conversation needed was a place to discuss, share stories, watch videos, ask questions, and grow together. Where all of this can easily be tagged and indexed for rapid access in the future. The Missional Tribe social network was born (

It was launched on 6 January, and so is still new, and suffering from a few teething problems, but it has the potential for becoming a useful contact point.

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