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Two years old today

13 February 2009

Khanya blog is two years old today.

It began as a kind of experiment, when many of my blogging friends were moving from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger had recently been “upgraded”, which meant that lots of bells and whistles were being added, but many of the regular features no longer worked. As Blogger seemed to be losing more and more functionality, I thought I should try out WordPress too, just in case I too needed to move my main blog, Notes from underground, to a new platform.

I gradually began using both about equally, and now after two years my Khanya blog seems to be the more popular of the two.

So what brings people to this blog?

The statistics show which posts have had the most readers:

The most popular post was a bit of a joke post — a blogging friend (who has since closed her blog) remarked on the search arguments that had brought people to her blog, and apparently one of the most common was the rather illiterate “stuff to do on sunday if your board”. I wrote a post commenting on this, as a sort of joke. It proved so popular that I eventually wrote a somewhat more serious post on the same topic, since it seemed that lots of people were so bored on Sunday that they were really looking for suggestions. It too proved popular, but not as popular as the original.

So here are the search terms that have brought people to this blog:

Search Terms for all days ending 2009-02-13 (Summarized)

Summarize: 7 Days 30 Days Quarter Year All Time

All Time

Search Views
reactive policing 652 More stats
jesus christ 581 More stats
what to do on sunday 482 More stats
stuff to do on a sunday 325 More stats
what to do on sundays 293 More stats
stuff to do on sunday 256 More stats
what to do on a sunday 246 More stats
stuff to do when you are bored 211 More stats
stuff to do when your board 202 More stats
khanya 198 More stats
african inventions 192 More stats
perelandra 183 More stats
wordpress porn 180 More stats
top 100 books 152 More stats
moral regeneration 145 More stats
george bizos 118 More stats
stuff to do on sundays 117 More stats
adult 117 More stats
mythical monsters 97 More stats
porn wordpress 91 More stats

The one about “porn” is interesting.

The WordPress front page introduced a feature that they called a “Hawt Post”. I didn’t have a clue what “hawt” meant, so I Googled it, and it led me to a bunch of porn sites, so I blogged about that, and I wondered whether WordPress was promoting a kind of “porn blog of the day”.

It later transpired that “hawt” was meant to be “hot”.

That in itself is quite strange, because in my experience there is no “aw” sound in American English. At our church we once had an American priest, and soon after he arrived amused us by telling of his battles to understand South African English, which he illustrated by attempting to pronounce “water” in the South African way. South Africans pronounce it “wawta”, and he had the greatest difficulty in pronouncing the “aw” sound. Americans usually pronounce the “aw” sound as “aa” or “ah”, and pronounce “water” as “wahdr”. When they say “awesome” it usually comes out sounding like “asem”, the Afrikaans word for “breath”. I’ve been told that there are some regional varieties of American English that do have the “aw” sound found in other varieties of English, but  most Americans seem to have difficulty with it, as it is not a normal part of their speech.

Oh, and South Africans pronounce “porn” as “pawn”, by the way, the same as the chess piece. And some of us  also say “pawk the caw” (park the car). That used to be known as the Woozer accent (from WUESA – white urban English-speaking South African), but it is now known as a “Model C accent”, but that’s another long story.

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  1. David permalink
    13 February 2009 8:43 am

    I don’t remember what brought me here. But my RSS reader keeps me in touch these days with many good people and places.

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