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Book on healing in Zimbabwe

13 March 2009

For about 10 years now I’ve been working on a book on African initiatives in healing ministry in Zimbabwe.

Inus Daneel, a former colleague from the missiology department at Unisa (and the supervisor of my MA dissertation) brought me a manuscript from a Zimbabwean researcher, and asked if I could edit it into a suitable form for publication. I said I would try, and now, after nearly 10 years, and many obstacles to overcome, it has been accepted for publication, and I’m hoping to get all the revisions and corrections of the manuscript ready by Monday to take to Unisa Press.

Ther core of the book is the work of two researchers, Lilian Dube and Tabona Shoko, studying healing ministry in four different denominations in different parts of Zimbabwe, which form case studies for examining changes in healing ministries. The four churches studied are the Zvikomborero Apostolic Church, the St Elijah Church, the Anglican Church, and the Roman Catholic Church.

The case studies examine the healing ministry of a person from each denomination, and I’ve written a couple of chapters comparing them with healing ministries in other parts of Africa.

One of the reasons for the delay has been the chaotic political and economic situation in Zimbabwe, where it was not possible to follow up queries and update information because of difficulty in getting fuel and so on.

Anyway, at last it is nearly done.

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