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Nato’s shame

12 April 2009
It is not without reason that some people have nicknamed Nato the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation.While it has talked much about the “war on terror”, ten years ago it teamed up with, and acted as the air force of a terrorist organisation, the Kosovo Liberation Army, whose atrocities have been systematically covered up.
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Fresh revelations have emerged about torture and murders carried out by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) during the NATO bombing of the former Yugoslavia in 1999 and the occupation that followed.
Allegations that the KLA maintained a secret network of prisons in their bases in Kosovo and neighbouring Albania were made on the BBC programmes “Crossing Continents” and “Newsnight,” broadcast April 9.
Information about terrible activities taking place at Burrel first reached the International Centre for the Red Cross in 2000 after KLA fighters reported that Serb civilians were taken there in 1999 and their organs removed and sold abroad for transplant operations.
Amnesty International spokesperson Sian Jones told “Crossing Continents” that UNMIK “chose not to investigate” the war crimes and was “notoriously slow in going after KLA officers.
The fact is the KLA played a key role in the United States’ strategy of breaking up the Yugoslav republic into its constituent parts
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Most of the Western media acted shamelessly as Nato propaganda organs, and only now is the other side of the story beginning to come out, though it certainly isn’t making the front pages.

The Wars of the Yugoslav succession were brutal and unnecessary, and were exacerbated by the actions of external interested powers, frequently through Nato. There were no “good guys” in the war. Atrocities were committed on all sides. But the Nato spin machine exposed (and sometimes fabricated) the atrocities of those it wanted to paint as the bad guys, and covered up those those of the people it wanted to paint as the good guys.

The recent sixtieth anniversary of Nato was no occasion for celebration. It ought to have been thrown on the trash heap of history fifteen years ago, along with that other relic of the Cold War, the Warsaw Pact.

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