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BlogCatalog group for Orthodox Christian bloggers

24 May 2009

I recently started a BlogCatalog group for Orthodox Christian bloggers, because I looked for one and there wasn’t one.

BlogCatalog is one of a number of social blogrolling sites on the Web, like MyBlogLog, which let you keep lists of blogs you like to vist, and also see who has visited yours recently.

At one time I tried creating a list of Orthodox blogs on Amazon, but them Amazon discontinued that feature. So this is another attempt to do something similar.

To join the group you should be an Orthodox Christian, or interested in Orthodox Christianity, and blog about it sometimes. There are some Orthodox blogs where all posts are theological, but those who blog about topics other than theology are welcome too.

It shouldn’t be necessary to say such things, but social blogrolling sites seem to be full of people who want to join every single group available and mark every single blog as their favourite or list every single user as their friend, regardless of whether or not they are interested in the topic. That somehow destroys the whole idea, and eventually makes sites like BlogCatalog useless.

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  1. 7 December 2011 7:50 am

    Unfortunately BlogCatalog seems pretty dead right now — the link above no longer works, and it seems that the BlogCatalog Site is no longer being maintained.

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