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Blogging statistics – cities

2 August 2009

Over on my other blog I recently remarked on the countries people came from to read my blogs: Notes from underground: Blog statistics – countries, because of new statistics provided by Amatomu. But the cities they come from is even more interesting.

Khanya blog - cities visitors come from

Khanya blog - cities visitors come from

Notes from Underground blog -- cities visitors come from

Notes from Underground blog -- cities visitors come from

HayesGreene Family History blog -- cities visitors come from

HayesGreene Family History blog -- cities visitors come from

The first thing that stands out is that only people in Pretoria and Cape Town seem to be interested in family history and genealogy. Perhaps that is because there are archives in those cities, but there are also archives in other cities like Pietermaritzburg, Durban, Bloemfontein etc. So why do readers of the family history blog only seem to come from those cities?

The second thing is that most readers of this blog seem to come from Johannesburg, whereas my Blogger blog, Notes from Underground, seems  to get more readers from Pretoria.

But hang on a minute — there in the Khanya statistics I see Verwoerdburg listed.


What kind of stone has Amatomu just crawled out from under? Sponsored by the Mail and Guardian, nogal?

Verwoerdburg changed its name to Centurion about fifteen years ago, before being incorporated with Pretoria and a few other places into the new megacity of Tshwane. So perhaps if  “Verwoerdburg” and Pretoria were put together under Tshwane, they might outnumber the readers from Johannesburg.

But “Verwoerdburg”! That’s like the dinosaurs who wave the old apartheid South African flag at rugby matches (even when a black guy scores a try).

Interesting things, statistics, though I’m not sure how accurate they are.

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  1. 4 August 2009 12:25 pm

    Hi there

    Regarding the accuracy of the location stats, we use a GeoIP system to get the location of the reader. These will never be 100% accurate – for instance, I could use a VPN from Cape Town through to a Johannesburg break-out point, and be recorded as a Johannesburg user. It also depends on how the ISP that the reader is connecting through assigns the IP addresses and routes its traffic. However, given time to amass a decent number of stats, general trends should be reliable.

    Regarding Verwoerdburg, we get our GeoIP list from the IPInfoDB ( If there are old names in there, I apologise, but if its a real bugbear for you, you’ll have to take it up with them.

    I hope you enjoy all the changes we’ve made on Amatomu – we’ll keep ’em coming.


    • 4 August 2009 5:35 pm

      One popular blog widget always seems to show me as based in Parow in the Western Cape, so that might be part of the same problem.

      Anyway, thanks for providing the extra stats — in spite of the odd glitches, it’s quite interesting to see the differences.

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