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Canadian Anglicans and self-determining ministry

17 August 2009

Anglican Journal: Indigenous Anglicans urged to pursue their dream of self-determining ministry:

A native Hawaiian from The Episcopal Church has strongly encouraged indigenous Anglicans gathered here to pursue their dream of building a self-determining indigenous Anglican church in Canada.

“For some the vision of a Promised Land can be so overwhelming, but I believe for many of you gathered here…God has not given you a spirit of fear and timidity but the power of love and self-discipline that you have revealed on your journey in the wilderness,” said Malcolm Naea Chun, secretary general of the Anglican Indigenous Network, and chair of The Episcopal Church Council on Indigenous Ministries…

Mr. Chun also urged indigenous and non-indigenous Anglicans alike to overcome any mutual suspicion that may linger. “How can we help each other if we are not sure of each other’s intentions or if we fear we will be treated worse than we treated others?”

He said that the forging of new and equal relationship provides a “unique and rare opportunity” to re-create “he original mission to these lands in a way that it should have been done, knowing what we know now about missiology, Christology and indigenous peoples.”

I’m wondering how this compares with southern African Anglican experience with the Order of Ethiopia.

(Blogging about this has been extraordinarily difficult – links did not work, Clipmarks barfed on it, a shortened URL did not link — hope it works this time.)

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