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More entropy in the blogosphere

13 October 2009

Is the blogosphere dying?

More and more things seem not to be working.

Every time I go into Amatomu I get the message

Oops, you hit a database error. It’s either something we did, or something you did. Yeah, it’s probably your fault.

It used to happen once a week or so, but now it happens every time.

And more recently the BlogCatalog “recent visitors” widget seems to be broken, at least on WordPress blogs.

I used to use Amatomu to keep track of the South African blogosphere, and see what interesting stuff was being posted. It also used to have quite interesting statistics, though a few months ago the statistics became completely erratic, with very improbable ratios of users to page views, and pages that used to get lots of views suddenly getting none at all. Either they were wrong before or they are wrong now, and I suspect they are wrong now because of the other erratic behaviour.

BlogCatalog used to be a useful way of finding and keeping track of blogs  with similar topics, and every morning I used to see who had visited my blog overnight, and go to have a look at their blog — based on the theory that if people find my blog interesting, I might find theirs interesting. But it hasn’t been possible to do that for nearly a week now, and I’ve seen no announcements of plans to fix the bug, or that someone is working in it, which is perhaps a sign that BlogCatalog is running on autopilot, and that eventually more and more things will go wrong without any attempt to fix them until it crashes.

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  1. 13 October 2009 10:06 am

    It’s weird that no one is trying to fix amatomu, because it is a very active site. I am getting very tempted to dust off my programming skills and see how hard it is to write an aggregator!

  2. 13 October 2009 10:26 am

    I’ve given up on Amatomu and have struggled to understand how to effectively leverage off BlogCatalog.

    I’ve resigned to keeping track of only the South African Christian blogs in my RSS feed and follow recommended links.

    I’m becoming convinced that there are only 50 or so online South Africans interested in matters of faith 🙂 and they all blog and they all know of each other and they all check out each others site everyday.

    Are we an island or is there a mainland I’m not aware of? Here’s a thought: If it were a game of survivor who would we vote off first :)?

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