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Nativity Fast blogging challenge – failed

16 November 2009

Observations from an Empty Well: 30 (40) Days of Blogging; Calendars, Old and New:

Some of you may have come across the website for The Preacher’s Institute, started by Arizona’s own Fr. John Peck, the priest serving the Orthodox mission church in Prescott. Fr. John is a genuinely good person, and his ‘challenge’ to blog daily for a period of 30 to 40 days during the time of the Nativity Fast is one that I know will be good for me, so I will do my best to take part and to keep up! Now, those of us on the old calendar haven’t entered the Nativity Fast just yet, and won’t do so until November 28th — but for those on the new calendar, the Fast begins today, and thus, so does the blogging challenge.

Well, it’s an interesting Idea, but I’m opting out before starting. I simply won’t be on line every day until the Nativity.

This month Telkom upped our bandwidth allowance to from 3 Gigs to 5 Gigs. By using NoScript (which blocks bandwidth-hogging things like videos and podcasts) I’d managed to extend the cut-off point to the 20th of the month before we had to pay more.

But what happens this month? We have 2 extra Gigs, but we reach the cap on the 12th of the month. I’ve just paid R65.00 for an extra Gig so I can blog this, but I’m not willing to go on paying more and more every month. So next time the bandwidth runs out, I’m not paying. I’ll be content to be e-mail only until some other member of the family feels the need to cough up the extra cash.

But those who are lucky enough to have an ISP that offers unlimited bandwidth might like to go for the blog every day challenge. You can read more about it at Behold, NOW Is The Blogging Time | Preachers Institute

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