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Prayer request for dying son stirs debate

19 December 2009
Some people seem to feel the need to criticise anything and everything that that others do.
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MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. — As Shellie Ross waited in a hospital for word on her son, Bryson, she posted this note to the social networking site “Please pray like never before, my 2 yr old fell in the pool.”

She found out 19 minutes later that Bryson was dead.

Ross’ decision to broadcast that message Monday night to more than 5,300 people who follow her posts on Twitter has unleashed torrents of support and derision. Social networking experts and friends said Ross was right to reach out for help, while critics questioned whether her son would be alive if she spent less time online.

“Could this child’s death have been averted had the mom not been on Twitter all day?” asked Madison McGraw, a personal security guard and writer who blogs at “This woman spent all of her time on Twitter. It was unbelievable,” said McGraw, who lives outside of Philadelphia and doesn’t know Ross.

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The news item also links to Pray you won't be judged like Tweeting mom of tot who drowned – Faith & Reason:

A mom whose child fell in the pool and drowned is the rage on social networks because she turned to her Twitter network to put out a call for prayer. Caring or callous? Or none of our business unless we’re going to bow our heads on behalf of the child and the grieving mother.

My response?

Lord have mercy.

Lord have mercy on the child who drowned.

Lord have mercy on the grieving mother.

Lord have mercy on his family.

Lord have mercy on those who rush to judgment.

Lord have mercy on us all.

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  1. 19 December 2009 8:23 am

    Could this child’s death have been averted had the mom not been on Twitter all day?

    I don’t know. And I don’t care. A child is dead and a mother is grieving. That to me is of utmost importance in this situation.

  2. 19 December 2009 11:17 am

    She asked for prayer and our response given the remoteness of the internet connection should indeed be prayer.

    I’m confused as to what the criticism concerns? Asking for prayer or because people thought she hadn’t been caring for her child?

    But as has been said by Jarred, ‘A child is dead and a mother is grieving’.

  3. Matthew permalink
    20 December 2009 12:43 am

    Lord haver mercy, certainly. But what an awful thing to say!

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