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Blog posts of the year

1 January 2010

The following were the most popular posts and pages on this blog in 2009:

Title Views
Stuff to do on Sunday if you’re bored 2,578 More stats
About me 1,580 More stats
About Khanya 1,386 More stats
More stuff to do on Sunday if you’re bor 989 More stats
Fighting crime — proactive or reactive? 972 More stats
WordPress promoting porn? 868 More stats
Don’t send me messages on Facebook! 610 More stats
Witchcraft, African and European 550 More stats
Ethiopian Orthodox Church 520 More stats
The theology of Christian marriage 475 More stats
Self-evident truths and moral turpitude 458 More stats
The youth of today, and yesterday 451 More stats
The legacy of apartheid and the culture 439 More stats
Ostrov (The Island) — film 436 More stats
Mythical Monsters 435 More stats
Christianity and ethnicity 415 More stats
Christian understandings of paganism and 410 More stats
St Theodora the Iconodule 405 More stats
Gleanings from the Inklings 371 More stats
Missiology 364 More stats

I’m not sure that the most popular ones were the most significant ones, though.

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