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19 March 2010

Every six months or so I have a look at the statistics to see what things people are reading on my blog, and I’m usually quite surprised by what I find. In the past few days there’s been a sudden flurry of interest in something I wrote four months ago, just a passing remark about things on my computer I knew nothing about that were trying to access the internet, one of which was “Google Installer”. Obviously other people are concerned about that too, to judge from the sudden surge in interest.

Top Posts for 30 days ending 2010-03-19 (Summarized)

2010-02-17 to Today

Title Views
What is Google installer, and why is it 954 More stats
Home page 820 More stats
A new kind of Christianity 218 More stats
Stuff to do on Sunday if you’re bored 184 More stats
About me 140 More stats
Lenten Lolcats 118 More stats
About Khanya 108 More stats
Tales from Dystopia VI: 1960 was a very 101 More stats
Gleanings from the Inklings 100 More stats
Fighting crime — proactive or reactive? 87 More stats
WordPress promoting porn? 87 More stats
Charismatic Renewal 78 More stats
Deacons and diaconate 77 More stats
Postcolonial Christianity is a Neopentec 72 More stats
St Ahmed the Calligrapher 67 More stats
The Church as the Liberated Zone 62 More stats
Fifty years (and more) of the charismati 60 More stats
Witchcraft, African and European 57 More stats
Asking the right questions 56 More stats
The youth of today, and yesterday 55 More stats
Shock suspension of Methodist bishop Pau 53 More stats
Tales from Dystopia VII: amazing grace 51 More stats
St Theodora the Iconodule 51 More stats

And here’s what people came looking for:

Search Terms for 30 days ending 2010-03-19 (Summarized)

2010-02-17 to Today

Search Views
google installer 492
google installer is trying to access the 89
perelandra 78
what is google installer 78
lent 67
what to do on sunday 39
“google installer” 28
reactive policing 26
moral regeneration 24
wordpress porn 23
makwerekwere 20
what to do on sundays 19
epitaphios 18
stuff to do on sunday 17
ic xc ni ka 12
what is google installer? 12
bored on a sunday 11
stuff to do on sundays 11
enter both words below separated by a sp 11
squeezel 11
things to do on sundays 10
icxc nika 10
district 9 vs avatar 10

I can understand the interest in Lent and Lenten Lolcats, because it’s Lent. I’m rather surprised in the interest in “reactive policing” — I wasn’t aware that it was such a hot topic of debate. “Perelandra” surprised me too — that would have taken people to the post on “Gleanings from the Inklings”. I wonder if they found what they were looking for, because none of them seem to have left any comments.

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