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Kriste o tsogile

4 April 2010

Kriste o tsogile!
Ka nnete o tsogile!

The Paschal greeting: Christ is risen! Indeed he is risen! in North Sotho.

In previous years we have tried to take members of our Mamelodi congregation to Holy Week and Easter services at St Nicholas in Brixton, but since our Toyota Venture was stolen, and with the increased cost of travel, this year it was not possible. We went as a family to Brixton for the Paschal Vigil, beginning at 11:15, and left after the Agape meal at 3:00 am, getting home at 4:00. And then went to Mamelodi, where for the first time we had a Pascha service — the Readers Service or Obednitsa. We usually meet in a school classroom, but often the schools are locked on public holidays during the school holidays, so we met in the home of Christina Mothapo (aged 84, in the centre of the picture). She is the oldest member of our congregation.

Pascha in Mamelodi 2010

One of the advantages of meeting in a house is that members of the family who do not usually come to church when we meet in a classroom join in. The disadvantage is that most Mamelodi houses are small, and so it is a bit of a squash.

And at the end we gave everyone Easter eggs, as St John Chrysostom says, both to those who have fasted and those who have disregarded the fast.

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