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Missiological topics in other blogs

26 July 2010

Here are a couple of missiological topics picked up from other blogs for those who may be interested.

1. Free and open-source missiology text books

This comes from Steve Taylor of Emergent Kiwi. The idea is to get people to write chapters for a missiology textbook to be placed on the web, and also made available by print-on-demand publishers. The material would be edited for uniform presentation and to fit in to an overall structure.

I thought it was quite a good idea, and posted it on the Missiological and Orthodox Mission mailing lists, but so far there has been no response. It also struck me that it is the kind of project that could be developed using a Wiki, using a public platform like Wikispaces, where people could post draft sections and discuss them collaboratively.

2. Blog on witch hunting and witch trials

I recently came across this blog on witch hunting and witch trials. This is something that has concerned me for quite a long time, and about 15 years ago I wrote an article on Christian responses to witchcraft and sorcery, but since then, the situation has, if anything got worse. The blog cited has links to various articles, news reports etc on the phenomenon, and is thus a useful resource.

At one time I tried to persuade the Southern African Missiolocical Society to make this the theme of their annual congress, and to have papers on the topic, but no one else was interested. Perhaps there could be a chapter on it in the free and open source missiological textbook mooted above.

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  1. 27 July 2010 4:10 pm

    Great idea and will pass it on to Adriaan Adams at the Pretoria FTLT Mission School –

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