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All is grace – shameless plug

19 April 2011

This is a shameless plug for Jim Forest’s new book All is grace – a revised and expanded edition of his biography of Dorothy Day. As Jim says on his web site:

Dorothy Day was a person of contradictions: activist and contemplative, political radical and a theological conservative. Intending to found a newspaper, The Catholic Worker, she ended up founding a movement. The most important monuments to her are the many houses of hospitality that stretch from San Francisco to Amsterdam, places of welcome for many who have been treated as throwaways, but also centers of work for a nonviolent, sharing society. Dorothy Day continues to open doors for many, in terms of spiritual life, community building, the healing of division, service of the poor, and the renewal of churches.

“All work,” she wrote, “whether building, increasing food production, running credit unions, working in factories that produce for human needs, working in the handicrafts — all these things can come under the heading of the works of mercy, which are the opposite of the works of war.”

Many regard Dorothy Day as one of the saints of our time; her official canonization process is now underway.

All is Grace offers a richly illustrated biography of Dorothy Day. Jim’s earlier biography, Love is the Measure, published several years after Dorothy’s death, is now replaced by this much expanded edition that draws on her letters and journals. The book is now twice the size — 350 pages — and includes more than 250 photos, many never published before.

You can see my review of Jim’s previous biography of Dorothy Day at Love is the measure: Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker | Khanya.

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  1. 20 April 2011 11:46 am

    Thank you, Steve. The first few copies of the book have arrived this week — I have constantly to fight off the temptation to look at it page by page. You might think I would be sick of it by now, after the long period of writing the text, but the many photos have a magnetic pull.

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