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Holy Saturday 2011

23 April 2011

We went to St Nicholas in Brixton for Holy Saturday Vespers.

Holy Saturday Vespers at St Nicholas (photo by Jethro)

After the Epistle reading the colours are changed from dark (purple or black) to white or gold, and the priest comes bursting out of the Royal Doors scattering bay leaves and shouting “Arise, O God, judge the earth, for to Thee belong all nations”,

Arise, O God, judge the earth, for to Thee belong all nations (photo by Val)

and then we sing the whole of Psalm 81/82, with that refrain between the verses, and everyone bangs on benches or stamps on the flooor, to symbolise the foundations of the earth being shaken, and the earthquake at Christ’s resurrection. The children love it. They are sometimes told to be quiet in church, but now they are encouraged to make as much noise as possible, so they jump up and down and stamp their feet.

And then on the way home, we saw this:

We have seen the enemy, and he is us

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

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