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Jesus is still more popular than Google

3 July 2011

Jesus is still more popular than Google — on this blog anyway.

Every so often I like to look at what brings people to my blog, to see if there is any possibility that they might find what they are looking for. Sometimes I have to wonder, but I don’t think there are many surprises this time, though in more recent searches there seems to be a marked increase in searches for Dorothy Day, which is, I think, a good sign.

Anyway, here are the top 15 search terms that brought people to this blog:

Search Views
jesus christ 6,224
google installer 4,356
what to do on sunday 1,474
reactive policing 1,390
jesus 1,358
perelandra 1,011
what is google installer 888
makwerekwere 763
stuff to do on a sunday 751
what to do on sundays 730
dorothy day 716
khanya 696
stuff to do on sunday 670
google installer is trying to access the internet 595
wordpress porn 586

The last one, “wordpress porn”, perhaps deserves a little explanation.

There was a time when the front page of the site had a list of “hawt posts”. I was puzzled by the word “hawt”, which I hadn’t come across before, and so Googled it, and found that the first ten Google hits were all porn sites, so I wondered if it was a pun on “hawt pawn” or something. Anyway, WordPress has stopped listing “hawt” sites on the front page, but it looks as though some people are searching for porn on WordPress, though I doubt that they found what they were looking for in this blog.

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