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From Ukraine to Zimbabwe

28 July 2011

A religious information service in Ukraine has helped to start a similar service in Zimbabwe.

Andriy Kozlov writes: RISU Becomes a Mother:

In its ten years of existence, the Religious Information Service of Ukraine has achieved many firsts, going from little public awareness to the number one religious news agency for Ukraine.
And now for the first time RISU has become a mother. The screaming little info-baby was born just two months ago-in Africa. A group of development communicators (including yours truly) with RISU experience launched, a web portal on religion in Zimbabwe.

Why follow the RISU model? The lack of reporting on religion in Ukraine and its one-sidedness were a meaningful reason to diversify the mediascape of our country. The Southern African country of Zimbabwe has been suffering from all-pervasive one-party-propaganda for almost three decades and is one more example of how religion gets downplayed by politics and sports reporting.

So if you’re looking for news and information on religion in Ukraine or Zimbabwe, you now know where to go.


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  1. 1 August 2011 10:51 am

    Thank you for the good news, Khanya. Really amazing how the world is getting flatter. Steppes in Sync

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