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Last day of the fast

14 August 2011

The Dormition Fast ends today, with tomorrow being the feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos.

In spite of its being one of the shorter fasts, lasting only a fortnight, it always somehow seems more onerous than the Nativity Fast or even Great Lent. Perhaps that is because the other fasts are longer and so one is better prepared, and in the case of Great Lent there are a fast-free week and a cheesefare week to remind one to gear up for it. With the Dormition Fast, however, we find we have a lot of stuff we can’t eat till after the fast, and so we tend to eat a lot of bread and things like that.

Today we went to Mamelodi for the Hours and Readers Service with our old ladies, and on the way stopped at the Spar Supermarket here in Kilner Park. One of the things they have taken to doing is selling Sunday lunches for R30.00 apiece (about $4.50 US — less than half of the price the local Casbah Roadhouse charges for something similar). So for the last day of the fast we splurged on the vegetables…

Sunday lunch from the local Spar

Pumpkin, roast potatoes, spinach, and green beans and mash.

And very delicious it was too.

And tomorrow I’ll have my Dormition Egg for breakfast — a stolen pagan spring fertility symbol, I’m told.

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