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The church that meets in Christina’s house

20 November 2011

Every second Sunday we go to Mamelodi for the Hours and Readers Service (Obednitsa). We used to meet in a school classroom, but they put the rent up, so now we meet in Christina Mothapo’s house, which is rather small and cramped.Christina is our oldest member, 85 years old, and today her great grandson, Vincent Allies, was with us as well, and read part of the service.

Vincent Allies reading the Hours, with his great grandmother Christina next to him

Afterwards we went to another room to pray for Christina’s youngest son, Kleinboy, who has been ill for a long time. We are only a few (and if there were any more we would find it difficult to fit into the cramped livingroom), but it only really needs two or three.

We read the Third and Sixth Hours, and then the Readers Service (Obednitsa, Typika), which is basically the Divine Liturgy with the priest’s and deacon’s parts omitted, so it can be done where there is no priest. Some have suggested that we do Matins, but that is a very much more complicated service for a small isolated congregation.

Afterwards we took a photo of everyone outside the house.

The Church that meets in Christina's house

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