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All is grace: book review (and SAMS Congress)

19 January 2012

All Is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy DayAll Is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day by Jim Forest

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A couple of years ago I read Love is the measure by Jim Forest, the biography of Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker movement, and I wrote a review of it, which I posted on my blog, here.

All is grace is a revised and updated version of Love is the measure, based on more sources, including Dorothy Day’s letters and diaries. I have little to add to my original review, other than to say that this one is bigger and better and even more worth reading. Dorothy Day, and anarchist, pacifist and communitarian, was one of the outstanding Christians of the 20th century and in 1998 the process of having her declared a saint in the Roman Catholic Church was started.

Jim Forest was himself a member of the Catholic Worker community in the 1960s, and editor of the Catholic Worker paper, and is now the bosser-up of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship.

If you would like to know more about it, please check my original review of Love is the measure.

Perhaps I could add that this week I have been attending the annual congress of the Southern African Missiological Society (SAMS), which is on the theme of Religion and Empire. And listening to the papers being read, and the discussion on them, I think that if anyone knew anything about “Religion and Empire” it was Dorothy Day. So I really recommend this book to anyone who is interested in that topic.

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