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Is Sunday boredom a thing of the past?

1 February 2012

I occasionally get curious about what brings people to my blogs, and for a long time one of the top queries on search engines that brought people to this blog was “what to do on Sunday when you’re bored?” The latest statistics show that those have dropped quite a long way down the list. Here are the most popular queries for the last year, from 1 February 2011:

google installer 3,377
jesus christ 1,727
what is google installer 625
jesus 571
dorothy day 526
leo tolstoy 407
makwerekwere 376
reactive policing 254
vassula ryden 247
what is a miracle 197
khanya 176
pictures of jesus 172
vassula ryden 2011 163
ic xc 156
“google installer” 145
ic xc ni ka 145
christ 139
what to do on sunday 130
shamanism and christianity 122
things to do on a sunday 120

The all-time figures (since this blog started in February 2006) show those queries much higher on the list:

google installer 6,638
jesus christ 6,495
what to do on sunday 1,570
jesus 1,568
reactive policing 1,534
what is google installer 1,256
perelandra 1,011
makwerekwere 936
dorothy day 924
stuff to do on a sunday 795
what to do on sundays 787
khanya 771
stuff to do on sunday 722
google installer is trying to access the internet 625
wordpress porn 611
what to do on a sunday 515
christ 468
moral regeneration 450
leo tolstoy 411
“google installer” 405

I’m glad to see that there is quite a lot of interest in Dorothy Day.

I wonder why there is such a lot of interest in “reactive policing” — very few people leave comments on that topic to indicate why they find it interesting, or what prompted them to enter it as a search term.

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  1. 2 February 2012 6:13 pm

    I love that the whole “Google Installer” post you had is still such a big hit, haha. =P

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