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Canadian bishop visits South Africa

27 October 2012

Last week Bishop Georgije of Canada visited Johannesburg for the patronal festival of St Thomas’s Orthodox Church in Sunninghill, in the north of Johannesburg. He was accompanied by a priest, Fr Zlatibor Djurasevic, and a layman, Dr Goran Popovic.

It has become a regular custom for a bishop from the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church to visit St Thomas’s Church at the time of its patronal festival, and a different bishop comes each year. On arriving, Bishop Georgije was met by the parish priest, Fr Pantelejmon Jovanovic, other clergy of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg and Pretoria, and the local parishioners.

Bishop Georgije of Canada, Fr Pantelejmon Jovanovic (Rector of St Thomas’s Church), Fr Zlatibor Djurasevic of Canada, and Fr Athanasius Akunda (Rector of St Nicholas of Japan Church, Brixton) at Vespers

On Saturday evening, 20th October, Bishop Georgije served Vespers and Litiya, again with other clergy of the local Archdiocese who were able to attend, and then spoke in the hall about the publishing activities of the Serbian Diocese of Canada.

Bishop Georgije serving Litiya at St Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church, with clergy from the Johannesburg Archdiocese, 20 Oct 2012

Among the other books on display was a quadrilingual book of the Divine Liturgy, in Greek, Slavonic, Serbian and English. Bishop Georgike presented signed copies of this to all the clergy who had served with him at Vespers. Fr Pantelejmon also had copies of the newly-printed Readers Service, in English and Zulu, which had been printed in Serbia. Five hundred copies of the Readers Service had been printed as a gift by the Eastern Orthodox Missionary Society of Father Daniel Sysoev. The Society was inspired by and formed in memory of Father Daniel, a missionary priest in Russia, who was murdered three years ago.

Bishop Georgije giving signed copies of the quadrilingual Liturgy book to Fr George Cocotas and Fr George Coconos of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg and Pretoria — three Georges.

On Sunday morning 21st October Bishop Georgije concelebrated the Divine Liturgy with the local bishop, Metropolitan Damaskinos, Archbishop of Johannesburg and Pretoria.



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