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A new home for our web pages

25 September 2013

We have found a new home for our web pages at

These pages were formerly hosted by Bravenet at, but they haven’t worked at all for over a year now, and all attempts to communicate with Bravenet to find out what the problem was failed, so I revived an old parked domain of, and we are now moving our web pages to there.

So if you have any links to any of our web pages at, please change the links to

We started these web pages in 1996, hosted by Geocities, which was taken over by Yahoo! which was the kiss of death for Geocities, as it was for so many other things taken over by Yahoo! Long before Geocities actually folded it was becoming unreliable and thew web pages were inaccessible for months at a time, so we moved them to Bravenet, but then that started to go the same way.

It will take a while to get all the pages up and linked properly again, so please be patient if you find “404 File Not Found” errors. Just click on the back button and try something else. And once the links within the site are working again, we still have to update content and fix external links, as things tended to get a bit chaotic with the Bravenet problems.

To see what is supposed to be on the site or linked to it, see here: Steve Hayes links and contact information.

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