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The legacy of apartheid

16 November 2013

There’s an interesting blog post on the legacy of aparheid here, which says that the Democratic Alliance, the biggest opposition party in parliament, refuses to acknowledge it.

The DA, redressing the legacy of apartheid, The Law of the Elephants and the Justice of Monkeys | Mukoni Ratshitanga: The legacy of apartheid is exactly what the DA refuses to acknowledge.

And the same post also notes that”

the Democratic Alliance (DA) has opposed every government policy intervention to redress the legacy of apartheid on grounds that the policies offend against principles of liberalism

Which suggests that the DA is not the heir to the legacy of liberalism, as it sometimes likes claim.

But though there is a lot of talk about the legacy of apartheid, no one really seems to pay much attention to what it is.

The DA may deny that it exists, but some ANC leaders use the legacy of apartheid as an excuse for many of their own failings, and that is just as bad. The ANC has had nearly 20 years to deal with the legacy of apartheid, and, in some areas, has done far too little to remedy it.

There are two feeble excuses for political nonsense that I’m tired of hearing:

  1. Don’t blame us for these problems, it’s because of apartheid.
  2. Apartheid ended 20 years ago, so it can’t be blamed for our problems.

That may seem contradictory, but it isn’t. I’ve written about all this before, here, and so I see no need to repeat it all now. I just thought that Mukoni Ratshitanga’s blog had some good things to say about it, and that it is worth reading.

So I would suggest a couple of other propositions:

  • Apartheid did leave a legacy of evil and it still affects us today
  • That legacy isn’t what most loudmouthed politicians seem to think it is



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