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Facebook – The Morning Offering

10 April 2015

On Monday morning (welcome to Holy Week), I discovered I’d been locked out of both my facebook pages, with the people at facebook citing their “need” to have proof of my legal name. Since I have not been addressed by my legal name since I was tonsured a monk more than thirty years ago, using my legal name now would mean nothing to my readers. All Ancient Faith Radio readers of my blog, as well as listeners of my podcasts, and the name on my published book, titled, “The Morning Offering”, seem to mean nothing to the people of facebook.


Abbot Tryphon

via Facebook – The Morning Offering.


I think Facebook is not a good place to try to blog. For one thing, only people who are registered on Facebook can see your posts, and that makes it difficult for others to link to them. I use Facebook to put links to blog posts, but the actual blogs are elsewhere.

It is, however, very silly of Facebook to demand that people use names that no one knows one by — almost as silly as the thing they did a couple of years ago of changing everyone’s e-mail address, and then ensuring that any e-mails sent to there address went to an “other” folder that no one knew about.

People join facebook because it facilitates communication with family and friends, yet by doing these things Facebook is hindering that communication. If I receive a friend request from someone I know, I’m not likely to accept it from someone whose name I have never heard of, and that because Facebook will not allow them to use the name that everyone knows them by.

Here’s a petition to Facebook to stop this stupid practice: Petition — Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Maxine Williams: Stop Stripping Orthodox Christian Clergy of Church Names On Facebook —

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  1. 10 April 2015 8:19 am

    The reality is that there are lots of people who are genuinely known by names other than their legal names. Orthodox and Roman Catholic clergy fit the bill, but so do drag queens (like Dainty Delicia) and hookers and strippers (like Gigi) and certain entertainers (like Evita Bezuidenhout). These are all South African examples known in their specialised communities. Facebook should determine whether these accounts are held by people who are serving their communities (regardless of what those communities are) without abusing Facebook. They can be made to produce copies of their real identity documents together with an affidavit declaring that they are known by the name which appears on the account. Enforcing a rule simply because it is a rule is ridiculous.

    • 10 April 2015 3:38 pm

      My Facebook name “Steve Hayes” does not appear on my ID or passport. Ot is relatively easy to program the user profile to enter their full name, and a user name that they want to be known by on sites like Facebook.

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