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White genocide? All lives matter

21 May 2016

For several years now we have been bombarded by propaganda from white racists who long for the “good old days” of pre-1994 National Party rule who have tried to portray “farm murders” as “White genocide”.

Sorry about the “scare quotes”, but they are actual scare quotes intended to scare people, and make them believe that if black people are allowed into government they will all immediately start to murder white people.

This report from as local newspaper (it doesn’t seem to have made it into the national media) gives the lie to that propaganda.

Community stands against farm attacks | Vryheid Herald:

FOLLOWING the brutal murder of Billy Van Rooyen and his father in law Ronnie Lombard, the community members of Zwathi took to the streets saying ‘enough is enough’.

These members of the ward 4 community headed down to the Gluckstadt Police Station to hand over a memorandum regarding their concerns over the rise in crime in their area.

The main issue raised in the memorandum was that of the killing of farmers, which in turn has a negative influence on the community’s infrastructure as many of those working on the farms lose their jobs.

Go to the newspaper web site and read the whole story. Look at the picture of the marchers. They are not black people out to murder white people in a genocidal pogrom as the racist “white genocide” propagandists would have us believe; they are black people protesting against crime, and the murder of white people and black people alike.

The community members of Zwathi, which falls under Ward 4 of AbaQulusi Municipality took to Gluckstadt Police Station to voice their concerns over the rising crime rate in the area.

The community members of Zwathi, which falls under Ward 4 of AbaQulusi Municipality took to Gluckstadt Police Station to voice their concerns over the rising crime rate in the area.

Racists get very upset when people say that all lives matter.

But the people who marched to the Gluckstadt police station demanding that something be done about the high crime rate are quite explicitly saying that all lives matter.

WhiteGenocideThe white racist conspiracy theorists want us to believe that there is a concerted plan of genocide, to kill all white people, starting with white farmers. In doing so, they debase the meaning of the word “genocide”, degutting it of all meaning. They post graphics like the one on the right on social media sites like Facebook.

What is really happening?

Criminals generally choose to rob farmhouses because they are isolated and far from towns, and they know that by the time the police get there, they will be far away. Isolated farms are a soft target. Occasionally one may find that “farm murders” have a motive other than robbery. Agricultural labourers may attack a farmer or farm manager because of unresolved disputes about wages or working conditions, and sometimes farmers attack farm workers for similar reasons. There have been farm murders where a farmer has shot at school children taking a short cut across his farm.

Very often the robbers who attack farms come from somewhere else. They are not people from the local community and do not care about the effects of their actions on the community. Criminals rarely care about such things. Most professional criminals do not pattern their lives after those of romantic heroes like Robin Hood or Pretty Boy Floyd.

It’s about time that we realised, like the people of Gluckstadt, that all lives matter. Farmers and farm workers, miners and policemen, pedestrians and motorists, black and white.


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  1. 21 May 2016 4:18 pm

    There’s another blogger who has the same name as me, spelt the same that blogs about the farm murders. I’d like to note that we are different people with different ideologies and worldviews and viewpoints.

    • 22 May 2016 2:52 am

      That can be confusing. I’ve sometimes been confused with a martial arts expert and a right-wing political commentator in the USA.

      • 22 May 2016 10:57 am

        It’s important to state one’s position because of the volatility not only in SA but also in the world. I listened to an audio of Audrè Lord’s poetry – an black American feminist writer about violence against black people there, you read the news and will know, and it’s just terrible.

      • 22 May 2016 10:58 am

        I meant to add that I’m of the opinion that the criminal violence is helped along by the previous white regime so as to keep race difference on the forefront. I’ve reason to think so.

  2. Glen permalink
    12 June 2016 5:49 pm

    It’s easy to say that it is criminals who perpetrate these crimes LOL if course they are, and they are stoked by black politicians who use the ‘stolen land’ bull story to get votes.
    Babies boiled in oil and hot water women raped, burned and forced to listen how young children get raped before being murdered sounds like your average black criminal yeah.
    We are not all stupid you see.
    Google: Pastor Manning ‘this will shock South Africans’ – That’s the whole truth from he mouth of babes.

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