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23 October 2017

Grevel Lindop, who has recently written a biography of Charles Williams, notes in his blog the good news that a paperback version is now available.

I’ve just received the first paperback copies of Charles Williams: The Third Inkling. Very exciting. Pleasant too for readers, because they can now get the book for a sensible, indeed pretty modest, price: £12.99 for a 490 page biography with 36 glossy plates.My first copies, with Aslan the Lion – the white lion trophy is the Mythopoeic Society’s Award for Inklings Scholarship, which the book won when it came out. The hardback was a handsome book, but at £25 you couldn’t expect many people except Williams fanatics to buy it. It has sold well enough but I suspect mainly to libraries, and those Inklings enthusiasts who couldn’t bear to wait!


I’ll be looking out for it, though I’m not very hopeful of finding a copy in the second-rate bookshops of the great city of Tshwane. If anyone spots a copy, please let me know!

I was truned on to Charles Williams by Brother Roger, an Anglican monk (not the Taize one) in 1960, at the age of 19, and it was not until several years later that I discovered that he and C.S. Lewis were friends or that they read their books to each other.

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