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St Stithians College: Reunion of the Class of ’58

10 November 2017

Today I was invited to a lunch to discuss the possibility of a reunion of my old Matric class, the class of 1958.

We’ve never had a class reunion before, not once in all the sixty years since we left school. Somehow our class was never close. I did keep in touch with two or three close friends after leaving school, but as we drifted apart physically and found ourselves living not merely in different towns but in different countries and even different continents, we gradually lost touch. We didn’t have anything like Facebook to keep us in touch.

So one reason for posting this here is in the hope that some of them may see it, or that someone who knows them may see it, and encourage them to make contact again.

Here it is, the Class of ’58

St Stithians College Class of ’58
Back: Michael Naylor, John Lundie, Steve Hayes, Theo Christenson, David Lange, Robert Ewing
Middle: Chris Genis, John Bolton, William Harris, J.E. Palmer, David Curtis, Neil Hodges, Adrian Callard
Front: Robert Mercer-Tod, Bruce Young, E.M. Harris (Maths), Wally Mears (Head), Steyn Krige (Housemaster, Mountstephens), Eric Pfaff, Jack Turner

If you have known any of them in the past, please share this on social media (see link below) in case someone else you know is also in touch with them. And if you know the whereabouts of any of them at the moment, please urge them to get in touch with the school, or leave a comment in the comments section below.

So today Mike Nayler and I met with three staff members of St Stithians to plan a possible reunion, if we can find any of our old classmates.

Alistair Stewart, Mike Nayler & Steve Hayes, at the Higher Ground Restaurant, St Stithians

You can see more about St Stithians and our class here and here. And the college web page is here.

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