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2017 SA Blog Awards

4 December 2017

I’ve entered this blog for the 2017 South African Blog Awards.

I’ve entered it in two categories:

  1. Religion and Spirituality
  2. Arts and Crafts

If you feel like voting for it, you can click on the button you see at the top of the sidebar on the right. You can vote for it in either of the categories or both, but if you later vote for another blog in one of those categories, your later vote will supersede the earlier one. So if you vote for this blog, and later come across one that you like more, you can change your mind and vote for that one. You have one vote in each category.

I’ve entered such things a couple of times before, but I don’t take them very seriously.

For one thing, none of the categories really fit this blog, so I think there is a huge gap in the thinking of people who run such awards things and people who write blogs like this. I think we come from different galaxies.

I blog quite a bit about books and reading, but there is no category for that. A suitable category might be “Arts and Literature”, but they don’t have one, only “Arts and Crafts”. There is nothing about crafts in this blog, zilch. But “Arts” seemed to be the closest one could get to literature.

And then there is “Religion and Spirituality”. I suppose some posts in this blog could fall under the heading of “Religion”, but if I write anything about “Spirituality” it’s usually to say that I’m agin it.

Consider these Top Posts and Pages for the last couple of days. These are the most-read posts in this blog, what people actually read this blog for. Which of the SA Blog Awards Categories would you put them in?

Four of them might fit in the “Religion & Spirituality” Category, thought the one on the MBA might also fit in the Business category. One might fit in the “Travel” category. But the rest don’t fit in any of the categories really — you can see a list of all the categories in the SA Blog Awards here. There is a “cloud” of categories of posts on this blog lower down in the sidebar on the right.  Many of them are not represented at all in the SA Blog Awards categories.

This blog, like many others, spans many categories. I blog about education, but this is not an education blog. I blog about travel, but this is not a travel blog. I blog about food, but this is not a food blog. I blog about the environment, but this is not an environment blog.

If anything, I see bloggers as old-fashioned essayists, writing about many topics. But there is no place in the SA Blog Awards for non-specialist blogs.

Also, if you want to win one of these things, you have to spend an inordinate amount of time organising all your friends to vote for you, and get them to persuade all their friends to vote for you. I think the last time I entered one of my blogs in the “Religion and Spirituality” category, perhaps about 5 or 6 years ago, it was won by a neopagan blog. Neopaganism isn’t very big in South Africa, but its adherents seem to be good at organising and soliciting their friends to vote for them.

The main reason I entered is that I’m curious to see what happens. I don’t take it very seriously, because I suspect that most of the interesting blogs in South Africa will fall through the cracks between the categories, as I’m sure this one will. But the button is there if you care to click on it.

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