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Khanya blog has moved

20 March 2020


This blog has moved

In future I will be blogging at:

Notes from underground
This is because since February 2020 WordPress has become extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible to use. For details see here: Notes from underground: Reviving an old blog because WordPress is broken.

I originally started blogging at WordPress because the Blogger editor was broken. Now it has been fixed, and WordPress is broken. If the people at WordPress ever get around to fix I may return to blogging here.

Fortunately the existing posts can still be read, so I will still refer to them from time to time, and links to them from other sites should still work.

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  1. 24 September 2020 5:37 pm

    Hope you get to see this. I’ll try and post on Notes from the Underground as well. Like you, very many of us are irritated with WordPress for imposing a style of blogging none of us were up to. However, we found a way around. In the Dashboard, under Posts – Add New Post and one is in an old style editor. It loads easy, because like you I don’t have state of the art equipment and my internet connection can be very slow at times. Should you land in the new editor, there is also a simple way of ignoring the blocks all together. I assume you write in Word first and then copy and paste? If not, do write up your post in Word first. Copy and in the New Editor, press Shift+control+V and it loads exactly as you’ve written it in Word. Hope this helps. Good luck and hope to read you again.

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