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Call for papers: synchroblog on Christian approaches to health care

27 August 2009

There is to be a synchroblog on “Christian approaches to health care” on Monday 31 August 2009.

That is when various people write blog posts on the same general topic at the same time, and put links to the other posts, so you can surf through them and see several different views.

Update: The Synchroblog is now live – see here: Square No More: Synchroblog on a Christian Response to Healthcare

If you would like to participate, then

1. Write your post on the topic

2. send:

your name
title of your blog
title of your post
direct url to the post

to and we will create the links

3. When the links are available, copy and paste them to the end of your blog post.

That way people should be able to surf to your blog post from any of the others, and when they’ve read yours, go on to one of the others.

After seeing some of the discussions (not to mention rants) I hope that people who participate will remember the “Christian” part. rather than discussing it, as so many others have done, from the point of view of administrative efficiency, economic ideology, or even party political loyalty. The last of these is of little interest to people outside your own country, and political point scoring generates more heat than light, or boredom for those who don’t have a dog in that fight.

Obviously you may see things in your country and its health problems, its health care system and health care policies that you think either facilitate or are obstacles to a Christian approach to them, so you don’t have to avoid such things altogether, but be willing to explain them for those not familiar with the situation (imagine you are explaining it to someone on the other side of the world). That will make the posts more useful to everyone.

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